John A. Gupton College - Nashville, TN

Student Development Services

The institution is committed to contributing to the cultural, social, moral, intellectual and physical development of its students.  Student development services include:


The college provides professional enrichment through lectures, field trips, seminars, state and/or national conventions. The online students are notified of the opportunities to participate in each of the activities in conjunction with the campus-based students.


Located in a major metropolitan area, John A. Gupton College provides students with an excellent opportunity for cultural enrichment.  Known as “Music City,” Nashville provides exposure to various plays, concerts, lectures, art exhibits, museums and recreational facilities. This exposure is available to the online students when on campus.


Prospective students should consult with the institution for guidelines concerning the dress code on campus. A professional dress code is required. Online students are required to follow the College dress code during all proctored exams and while on campus.  (Exceptions must be preapproved by the administration)


John A. Gupton College is interested in the good mental and physical health of each student.  The administration of the College will confer individually with both campus-based and online students and make referrals as needed. Quality providers of services are identified by the College and referrals are provided to the student. Appointments are arranged by the student.


Confidential personal counseling is available to the Gupton College campus based and online students without charge. Quality providers of services are scheduled by appointment as arranged by the student. Gupton College is interested in the good mental and physical health of each student and makes referrals as needed. Students may contact the administration in person or electronically to request counseling and career assistance.


A student lounge is provided which is designed to promote leisure time activities, group dynamics and the development of interpersonal relationships, relaxation and snack facilities. A virtual student lounge within the College’s learning management system provides the online students a platform for leisure time communication.


Advising and counseling services are available to assist any student requesting financial assistance to attend John A. Gupton College. Financial assistance is available to both the campus-based Associate of Arts program and the online Associate of Applied Science program.


Nashville produces many opportunities for employment. Students in both the campus-based and online programs should exercise caution from becoming overly committed. Part-time work is not advisable for any student who fails to maintain a “C” average.


Formal student government exists in the form of elected student representatives serving on the Institutional Effectiveness Committee as well as Student Development Services Committee. The College will appoint one student representative from the online program to serve as the online student representative. The online student representative will be listed with contact information in the virtual student lounge.


The College makes every attempt to provide a safe and secure environment for all members of the campus community. During student orientation week, students are familiarized with the campus safety and security plan.


John A. Gupton College provides a parking area for vehicles of enrolled students. Parking decals are provided at the time of registration and such decals must be displayed on student vehicles. Parking decals are NOT interchangeable with other vehicles.  Additional decals may be purchased in the college business office.


Major publications of the College include the college catalog, student, and employee handbooks. Special alumni newsletters are periodically prepared in conjunction with the Alumni Association and are sent to all institutional alumni and other interested parties in the interest of keeping the alumni apprised of institutional affairs.

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