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First, remember the application for financial aid is different than the application for admissions. Once you have been accepted for admission, apply for a student and/or parent FAFSA ID. (you may have one from a previous year that is still valid) Before you can file the FAFSA, you must have a FSA ID. To create a FSA ID, go to and follow the prompts. For dependent students, both the student and a parent will need a FSA ID.

  • All FAFSAs are completed online at You will need your FSA ID as well as your social security number to log in.
  • Be sure to specify that you want your FAFSA sent to John A. Gupton College by typing in our school code: 00885900
  • To ensure that your tax return information is entered correctly, use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool available in the Financial Information section. After completing a few yes/no questions about your tax returns, if you are eligible to use the Data Retrieval Tool a box will show up that says “Link to the IRS.” Click this button to access your tax information through the IRS website. The IRS Data Retrieval Tool can only be used for tax filers whose tax returns have been processed by the IRS.
  • Remember to allow about a week for your FAFSA to be processed by both the Department of Education and Gupton College.
  • Try to file your FAFSA as soon as possible! The FAFSA for the next school year becomes available October 1. Even if you do not have your tax return completed by then, go ahead and file the FAFSA. You can always amend it once your return is complete.

If you have any further questions or need any assistance, please feel free to contact our office. We have computers available for any students who need help with any step of the Financial Aid process.

Notify financial aid of any outside aid. Please notify the Financial Aid Office of any outside
scholarships,  grants, or military benefits you may be receiving. These awards can be placed on
your bill as expected payments to help you satisfy your account.

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